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Mizuho Securities Equity Research Dept.
Company and Sector Research
About MizuhoResearchWEB (MRW)
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  Mizuho Securities Equity Research Department

  Economic Research

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  About MizuhoResearchWEB(MRW)

  Quantitative Analysis

  Company and Sector Research

This report has been prepared by Mizuho Securities Co. Ltd., (Mizuho Securities) solely for the purpose of supplying information to investors and business clients of Mizuho Securities to whom it is distributed.

This report is not, and should not be construed as, a recommendation or solicitation for sales or purchases of any securities or other investments
The Mizuho Securities Equity Research Department includes over 30 analysts covering economics, quantitative analysis, and over 300 companies spanning 16 industry sectors.

We have a wide range of clients including institutional investors and financial institutions in Japan and abroad, and we respond to their needs by providing high-quality research and analysis.

In addition, we are able to leverage our global network to provide clients with timely and accurate information in both English and Japanese. In the future, we will continue in our commitment to provide our clients with valuable information based on both micro and macroeconomic analysis.
The economist team at Mizuho Securities Equity Research is dedicated to presenting relevant economic information that complements the micro-level analysis of our sector analysts. The macro economy represents an extension of the micro economy which is in turn represented by the activities of firms and households. Through daily interaction with our sector teams, we produce macroeconomic reports that are relevant at the sector level.

As global aspects of the economy become increasingly important, and the world focuses ever more on the rapidly changing and expanding economies of Asia, we independently gather information through meetings with top managers to provide investors with innovative and valuable investment ideas.

The results of our analyses are presented through our Macroeconomic Outlook quarterly, Forex Outlook quarterly, Economic Monthly report as well as our Economic Comments, which are distributed immediately following major data releases.
The Mizuho Research Web provides clients with our latest research reports and allows simple, on-demand access to a wide range of vital information thanks to its powerful search capabilities. See for yourself how valuable this powerful tool can be.

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(Currently this service is only available to existing institutional investor clients of Mizuho Securities.)
Clients can view timely company and sector research written by our staff of insightful and experienced analysts. Market analysis provided by Mizuho Securities analysts is based not only on detailed research on the companies we cover, but also on constant monitoring of the results and trends of related companies and industries. This enables us to offer investors high-value-added services and investment strategies.
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